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Winston James Birth Story

Winston James Birth Story

About a month ago, our sweet little family welcomed Winston James into our lives. Win (or Winnie) was born at 5:59 am on April 7th after only 6 hours of labor and only 2 days after my birthday! For those of you interested and not grossed out by the details, here his birth story (and the only pics Josh was able to capture without nudity :)…

Winston’s birth was pretty different than Jonas’ birth (which I just realized I never shared the details of publicly). With Jonas, I went a full two weeks past my due date and labored for about 16 hours before he made his appearance. I had a ton of back labor with Jonas because he was born sunny-side up which caused my labor to stall out for a few hours and I never felt the urge to push.

Given my first experience, I was expecting much of the same with Winston. However, I did more during pregnancy to try and ensure he stayed in a good position (chiropractic care and Spinning Babies exercises). Winston was born 3 days before his due date which was awesome because he was already bigger than Jonas when he was born. Could you imagine how big he would’ve been if he had cooked for 16 more days (as long as Jonas did). Whew! Very thankful I did not have to find that out.

Both of my births were unmedicated, natural births, but after my hospital birth with Jonas, I knew I wanted something different. We chose to birth at Baby+Co and it was a glorious experience. The room felt like a hotel suite, fully equipped with all the birthing tools you may need, and the midwives are absolute angels. They were so supportive and everything they coached me through during labor truly helped me move forward at a good pace. If we go for kid number 3, I will definitely be using Baby+Co again. I love them so much.


My water broke on Saturday night (April 6th), right before midnight (this happned with Jonas too!). I was laying in bed and had just taken half of a Unisom because I couldn’t fall asleep. I felt a little gush and got up to go to the bathroom because I was afraid I had peed myself. But when I went to the bathroom and the trickle continued and wouldn’t stop, I knew it was my water. Josh was out with my coworkers, so I immediately called him and he started making phone calls to alert our doula and my parents who were supposed to come stay with Jonas (who was asleep). I called Baby+Co to give them a heads up, then heard back from Josh that my parents weren’t answering their phones. Between the two of us, we called each of my parents 10 times; this was honestly the most stressful part of the entire experience (thanks Mom and Dad..haha). I was in labor, it was 1 am at this point, Jonas was asleep, we needed to go to Baby+Co and no one was on their way to watch Jonas. We called a few of our backups who didn’t answer and FINALLY my brother picked up his phone and came over to spend the night with Jonas immediately (he is SUCH A BLESSING). Up until that point, I couldn’t really focus on labor or lean into what my body was doing because I was so anxious about what we were going to do with Jonas. We almost had to wake him up and bring him with us where he would’ve had to witness me giving birth. I know some families do this with their children and I think it’s beautiful, but Jonas is only 2, not entirely sure what is happening, and I think seeing me in pain would’ve been really upsetting to him. So, thank GOD for my brother.  I wanted to labor at home for a while but by 2 am, we were at Baby+Co because my contractions were already difficult to talk through. Sure enough, when they checked me, I was already 5 cm dialated, at 0 station, and very effaced (aka. Winston was in position to come out). I labored in a few different positions…in the tub, on the toilet, laying on my side on the bed with a peanut ball between my legs, and on a birthing ball. While on the birthing ball, my doula “sifted” my belly with a reboozo (essentially a long piece of fabric) to help Winston slide down into a better position. Let me tell you, that was probably the most painful part of the process and made contractions INSANE. This is where I hit transition and was telling Josh “I can’t do this” and “Help me.” It only freaked him out a little…haha. By 5:19 am, I was already ready to push! This was my first time experiencing the need to push and I couldn’t stop thinking I was going to poop because that’s what it feels like (times 1000). This is where I REALLY appreciated the midwives at Baby+Co. At this point in labor, I hit my “wall” and didn’t want to move or push hard enough, but they could tell when a certain position was not working for me to push in and coached me to move to a different position after a few contractions. So after a few contractions pushing on my hands and knees, we moved to lying on my side, then finally moved me to the birthing stool where I only had to push a couple of times and Winston “slid” right out and he was here!

Winston was born with his hand by his face, but miraculously I still didn’t tear. However, I did bleed pretty heavily after his birth and they had to give me a shot of pitocin and medicine rectally to help stop the bleeding and pass the placenta. Winston had rapid respiration for a few hours after birth and had a hard time regulating his breathing. So, I held him skin-to-skin with oxygen blowing in his nose for while until he as able to breathe normally. So thankful he resolved it on his own and we didn’t have to take him to the hospital. Our doula held Winston while he was sleeping for an hour while Josh and I rested before we went home. We were home and introducing Winston to Jonas by 10:30 am!

It’s still bizarre to me that we were only at Baby+Co for 9 hours. I went to bed thinking I was going to sleep, but came home in the morning with a baby! This was SUCH an amazing perk of using Baby+Co because when we had Jonas in the hospital, we had to stay for a few days even though nothing was wrong. We were SO ready to go home and sleep in our own beds.

We are so happy Winston is here and are so thankful for the complication-free experience. This is already a super long post, so I’ll share more about my post-partum experience and about our boys meeting for the first time in a different post. 

If you’e made it this far, you deserve a high-five. You’re amazing and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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