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Taking Cara Babies Course Review

Taking Cara Babies Course Review

Anyone who’s been following along for a few years, know that getting Jonas to sleep through the night was and continues to be very difficult. He didn’t sleep through the night for the first time until he was 1.5 years old and he’s STILL not a great sleeper. With our second, I knew I couldn’t survive another year and a half without sleep and needed to do something different but had no idea WHAT to do. After realizing Jonas wasn’t going to sleep well on his own, we tried a lot of sleep training methods with Jonas…everything from Babywise (stressed me out too much), to cosleeping, to sleeping in his own room, to my own gentle version of crying it out, and nothing worked for the longest time. Jonas and I were BOTH always exhausted and it sucked. 

With Winston, I was very open to new ideas. Thankfully, a friend recommended Taking Cara Babies, so I took their Newborn Sleep class online (for $74) and it’s making a HUGE difference with Win so far. He’s already 6 weeks old!  Before diving in, I want to say that there is no one right sleep training method and there are a million ways to get your baby to sleep or you may choose not to sleep train at all…there is no judgement here. I am simply sharing a tool that has been working well for me with our newborn. PS. This post is not sponsored in any way.

Cara, of Taking Cara Babies, focuses on teaching babies how to put themselves to sleep and how to provide a conducive sleep environment. She doesn’t just focus on rigid sleep schedules or simply forcing them to sleep through the night. Cara provides her lessons kindly and tells you to give yourself all the patience and grace because there is no such thing as a perfect sleep schedule and its ok to enjoy the baby cuddles and let them take naps in your arms. No stress or pressure! Now that I’m using Cara’s tools and tips to teach Win to fall asleep on his own, I see all the places we went “wrong” with Jonas. We didn’t know what to do, so we would bounce, cuddle, feed, and hold him until he fell sleep. Not only was it exhausting, it was not doing him any favors in the long run. He’s almost 3 and still has a hard time putting himself to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

The tools I’ve learned and implemented from Taking Cara Babies have been WORKING for Win! He puts himself to sleep at night and for most naps!!! I’m not expecting him to sleep through the night yet at only 6 weeks old, but he’s sleeping 4-5 hour stretches many nights. Insert all the praise hands emojis.

If you’re interested in purchasing the course for yourself, the Taking Cara Babies’ Newborn Class covers:

  • 7 sleep tips including swaddling. when to wake a sleeping baby, white noise machines, how much they should be sleeping during the day, etc.  

  • CRIES, an acronym for what to do when your baby is upset

  • SIT BACK, another acronym for what to do when your baby wakes up in the night

  • Sample sleep schedules

  • Understanding sleep cues

  • Troubleshooting

  • FAQs

  • Plus. you get access to her team of experts to ask questions if you purchase her course

I would highly recommend purchasing the course if you’re about to have a baby or have a newborn! She has a class for older babies as well. Before ever taking the class, we did use SwaddleMe swaddle blankets and a white noise maker (both are items she also recommends) so I’m sharing the specific ones we use and love. The SwaddleMe blankets make swaddling to much easier and safer because they use velcro to keep the blanket away from the baby’s face. The white noise maker we use is different from the specific one Cara recommends, but has worked great for us for years. It has adjustable volume, and is fairly small which makes it easy to pack when we travel. White noise makers are a must when traveling and sleeping in the same hotel room as your kids!

I don’t want to share too many details since the course is her proprietary information but did want to share enough to encourage you and share a resource if you’re struggling to get your babe to sleep. There is hope! Message me if you have any specific questions about the course and I’ll be happy to answer. At the very least, follow Cara on instagram. She’s always teaching lessons, giving great tips, and answering questions there. I’ve learned so much just from following her.

All the love!

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