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I'm Jess Ness and currently reside in Nashville, TN. I’m here for you and for me, so we can learn to feel at home and see the magic in who we are. 

It's been a WHILE my friends

It's been a WHILE my friends

It’s been a WHILE my friends. I haven’t written here since last fall for one very important reason...I was and still AM pregnant. We found out we were expecting our second baby and I quickly started feeling nauseous and exhausted, which is why blogging took a MAJOR backseat. Let me tell you, going through pregnancy this second time around with a toddler has been a completely different experience than my first pregnancy. I have so much respect for all you mamas with multiple kids. Every day is truly a marathon! I now have about a WEEK until my due date and it cannot come soon enough. So excited to meet our second little boy! #boymom


Around the same time we found out we were pregnant, we also moved homes! It was a crazy exhausting late summer/early fall of first trimester pregnancy feels, moving and getting settled into our new place. We only moved a few miles away and LOVE our new house. I want to post pictures of some of my favorite rooms soon, but it is nowhere near finished. We still need to hang pictures, get blinds (why are they so expensive!?), and paint a few rooms. Sadly, I feel like it takes me FOREVER to settle into a new space and we are not quiteeee there yet...anyone else?

As I was scrolling through old blog posts, I got teary eyed from all the memories. I love having this space to write, share photos and life with you all in a deeper way than platforms like Instagram allow. Here are a very small number of pictures from around the time I stopped writing last fall. I’m so thankful for a husband that documents our life so well. These pictures and memories are PRICELESS.

One of our first times seeing our second son who we get to meet in person very soon!


Some of our best friends had a baby! Her name is Holiday, she’s adorable and already 4 months old. Time seriously flies. This is me and my sister at the Pajama Party baby shower we threw for them. It was definitely the most unique shower I’ve been a part of, but was so much fun. All the guests wore PJs, we had a movie playing on the projector the entire time, and served movie theater themed snacks. So fun. But more importantly, in the span of a year, I’ve gone from 1-2 mom friends to ALL mom friends and I’m LOVING this sweet season of life. There is nothing like having a tribe of women surrounding you that have great advice, encourage you, and also give you all the grace because they get how TIRED you are. So thankful for all the kind and beautiful women in my life who I learn so much from and love so well.


Jonas and I exploring a park in Bells Bend, TN

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I hope to keep sharing until I’m caught up, but also I’m about to have a baby. Soooo...I’ll do my best.

All the love to you magic humans.

Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

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