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I'm Jess Ness and currently reside in Nashville, TN. I’m here for you and for me, so we can learn to feel at home and see the magic in who we are. 

Weekly Wonder - July 23

Weekly Wonder - July 23

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fabulous week! Reading through my recap, I'm realizing the theme of last week was deeply introspective, which is amazing. I'm a firm believer that you can only give to and show up for others out of overflow. This means, I have to show up for myself everyday with kindness, compassion, and openness so my cup (or soul) is intentionally filled and cared for. Only then can I give to others out of whatever energy, time, love, or kindness that flows over. I will say, it's definitely not easy to stay in a place of overflow. It's only been in the past year or so that I've learned how important it is to prioritize myself so I am able to be awesome for myself and for others (and I'm still not awesome all the time). Before I had this revelation, I was full of insecurity, striving, hustling, and never feeling like I was enough. Instead of focusing on my internal world that was in chaos, I turned outward for validation, identity, and confidence. I was a train wreck, alienated my friends, coped by becoming a workaholic, and almost wrecked my marriage. Alllll of this to say, self-care and understanding of self is important because you are important.


A few of the ways I prioritized myself last week:

  • Josh and I went to marriage counseling for the first time in a couple years and it was amazing. In just one session, we learned how to better connect and communicate with each other. We will be going back regularly once this crazy financial season of buying and selling a house is over. Just to clarify, counseling is not just for when you're in a bad place, it's also to keep you in a good place...like getting regular oil changes on your car. Check out Dr. Glenn Hill if you're in the Nashville area, he's so kind and full of wisdom.
  • I showed up on my mat for yoga twice last week...a big deal for me since I've been struggling to find time for workouts. Feeling grateful for those practices.
  • Inspired by the book "Meet Your Soul" by Elisa Romero I was finally brave enough to try eye-gazing. You can do this alone or with a partner, but all you're essentially doing is making intentional eye contact for a long-ish period of time with the goal of deeper connection to yourself or the other person. I set the goal of gazing into my own eyes using a mirror for 5 minutes and it was a beautiful experience. After just a few seconds, I couldn't stop smiling and laughing out of gratitude for myself and my body. While I haven't tried eye-gazing with a partner yet, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to stare into your own eyes to deeply connect with yourself and emotions. Pro tip: Set small time goals for yourself…5 minutes felt like an eternity.
  • I had the honor if attending the Love Your Self Retreat hosted by Lucas & Christa Gifford. It was exactly as awesome as it sounds. An entire weekend spent loving yourself in all of your messy glory through meditating, dancing, learning, hugging, doing activations, eating good food, journaling, and meeting other amazing souls. I'll share some of my major takeaways with you guys as I process and internalize them. There was some major gold there. Also, Jonas stayed with my parents for two whole nights away from us so we could attend this retreat together and handled it like a champ. #parentingwin

That's all for this week loves. I'd love to hear from you. How did you show up for yourself last week?


PS. Please look at how cute my boys are...

Weekly Wonder - July 30

Weekly Wonder - July 30

Jonas' Woodland Creature 2nd Birthday Party

Jonas' Woodland Creature 2nd Birthday Party