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I'm Jess Ness and currently reside in Nashville, TN. I’m here for you and for me, so we can learn to feel at home and see the magic in who we are. 

Weekly Recap: Sept 11

Weekly Recap: Sept 11

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fantastic week! Ours was pretty awesome...

Monday: Jonas headed to school and I spent an entire morning with my work team returning to our roots and talking about the tough but necessary topics. Asking questions like, how does our vision resonate with me personally? It's critical for a team to be united in where they're going to be successful. Later in the evening, I was able to attend a conference at Jonas' school where I learned to many helpful tips on how to better implement Montessori at home. I learned SO MUCH, but here were some of my key takeaways:

  • Acknowledging his emotions and explain my emotions to him. It's important for him to know that others can have negative feelings (like frustration) towards them instead of experiencing it for the first time from others outside the family.
  • When teaching him how to do something. Show OR explain; he doesn't yet have the capacity to listen and watch simultaneously. 
  • You don't want him to feel bad for getting things wrong because he will just stop trying. If he gets something wrong, say thank you for...now can you?
  • They will rise to my expectations. If I never give him a chance, he will never do it. Observe to see what he's capable of doing.
  • The more freedom of movement he has at home, they less likely he will go wild in public.
  • Talk about sequence of events throughout the day and communicate changes if swerving from the norm. Patterns and predictability is important to him

Tuesday: Spent the majority of my day creating a social media strategy for LinkedIn for my work team at The Collective. Do any of you use LinkedIn? If yes, what do you use it for? After bedtime, I met up with some sweet friends at Henrietta Red for happy hour to celebrate Lauren's birthday!

Wednesday: I have the honor of coaching a few brilliant ladies in aspects of career, life, purpose, etc. This week held two of these beautiful sessions and I just love connecting and lifting other women up.

Thursday: Jonas got to spend a little time with my parents while I attending a leadership development and networking event. I just love attending events like that! Later in the evening, I attended the kick-off of a small group I joined through my church that's called More than a Mom. It's all about pursuing passions and identity while being a mom. The group of moms was so sweet and I'm interested and excited to see where it goes.

Friday: My sweet brother came over to hang out with Jonas and I. Then we did our weekly Whole Foods run! PS. I recently started using Thrive Market for all our pantry items and am loving it! I just have to get produce and meat at Whole Foods now which saves tons of money.

Saturday: My little family spent the morning at Opry Mills because Jonas needed some warmer clothes and new shoes for these chilly mornings we've been having. We got some much needed housework done in the afternoon. Then, my dearest friend came over after Jonas went to bed with a bottle of wine. I served some Moon Drop grapes I picked up at Whole Foods (so good) and some of some Rosemary Roasted Pecans from LL Balanced's Cookbook. We just sat outside and caught up for hours. It's nights and connections like that that keep my heart beating. I'm so thankful for my sister friends.

Sunday: We were all so tired so we skipped church and took an easy morning, then decided to take a spontaneous road tip in the afternoon. We made the 1+ drive to Bowling Green, KY and took Jonas to Dinosaur World. It was almost closing time by the time we arrived to we had to speed walk through the dino trail, but Jonas still loved it. Then we made a stop at Jackson's Orchard with the hopes of picking apples, but I majorly failed to research. Apple picking doesn't start there until next weekend! We still were able to enjoy the beautiful property, play on their slides and buy some delicious apples to bring home. I hope we can make it back later in the season to actually pick apples because the trees were full!

Josh and I have some fun dreaming and brainstorming this week and I'm very excited to share some new things with you all soon. 

Say prayers for us, Jonas is going to attempt a full day at school including nap time tomorrow! Hope you all have a restful evening. All the love!

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