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I'm Jess Ness and currently reside in Nashville, TN. I’m here for you and for me, so we can learn to feel at home and see the magic in who we are. 

Weekly Recap: Sept 25

Weekly Recap: Sept 25

I cannot believe it’s already October, but I’m here to share about our last week of September! It was so full and so amazing.

Monday & Tuesday:

I had the honor of spending two full days with my work family at The Collective Global. We spent tons of time talking about WHO we are; our mission and vision. Since we’ve grown in size, it’s so important to revisit our DNA as a team and discuss where we are on a regular basis. Every single member of the team has to resonate with the overall team mission, it has to inspire them on a daily basis and make them excited to get out of bed every morning. That’s a huge part of what The Collective Global does with teams who bring us in to partner with them. It’s so helpful to have an outside perspective, someone to call you on your BS and hold you accountable. I love my “job.” We had some fun as a team by playing a round of the newly opened Topgolf. I stink at golfing but it was so fun! How often does your team get away to talk about who you are and current state?


After a 2 day meeting, I was able to catch up a bit on work and get in a workout at BarreAmped Nashville. After sitting still for two days, I have to get workouts or walks in. Sadly, my work day was cut short because I got a call from Jonas’ school letting me know he fell backwards and hit his head on a sidewalk on the playground. I ran to pick him up from school and keep an eye on him for a concussion all afternoon, but he was fine! He’s a tough little guy but has been falling down so much lately! Not sure what to do aside from making him wear a helmet all day. Any tips that have worked for you and your kids?

We also got to attend the kick-off party (#BeefBash17) of the annual Annual Angus Beef conference that was in town. It was so crazy delicious. The block party was outside the Omni Hotel in downtown Nashville and featured bbq from so many amazing pit masters, many of whom were in town from Texas. We ate so much, met some great people and enjoyed the awesome event as a family.


Thank goodness for this day. It was super chill. I got to hang out and run errands with Jonas. Then spent my evening with an amazing group of mommas who are so inspiring and encourage each other to pursue passions while also being a mother and wife. It’s so life giving and I’m thankful for these ladies.


Cooler, fall mornings mean I will probably be at the Nashville Zoo with Jonas at least once a week. It’s so pretty and peaceful in the brisk morning weather. We were joined by our friends Catherine and her son Phoenix who is the exact same age as Jonas. Little friends are the cutest.

Later in the day, we had the amazing honor to attend a concert hosted by Third Man Records and TN Tourism in Cumberland Caverns which is 333 feet underground. It was such a surreal experience to attend a concert in a cavern underground. And the artists were absolutely phenomenal…a true representation of what country music should be. It was a magical night.

Saturday & Sunday:

It was a busy week, so we had a chill weekend. I got my hair done at CRAFT Hair Co and had such a great experience! The staff was so lovely and my hair turned out amazing. Starting Sunday afternoon, I am attending the MidSouth SHRM Conference . If you’re interested in what I’m learning over the next few days, follow along on The Collective Global’s Instagram stories.

Hope you all had an amazing last week of September! I’m excited to crush the last 90 days of the year and for the cooler weather. All the love!

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