Weekly Recap: Sept 18

Happy Sunday friends! I've spent much of my day writing a different blog post about our recent trip in collaboration with TN Vacation to Tullahoma over the weekend. I'll share a link once it's live on their site! In the meantime, here's what's going on in our life this week...

Weekly Recap: Sept 4

Happy September friends! I've been listening to some Gary V content recently and he's really helped my shift my thought process behind social media in general (warning: there's quite a bit of language if you decide to listen to the linked video). Instead of putting tons of pressure on yourself to always be creating content, he encourages you to just document what you're already doing! This made me think about all my favorite people that I follow and realized that almost all they do is share their life! I'm an over-achiever and have been putting tons of pressure on myself to constantly write deeply thoughtful posts, but I just don't have tons of time to write frequently. So, I'm going to start sharing a weekly recap with you all to share a bit about what life looks like every day in my family, share what I'm learning and probably ask for advice because I feel like every day with Jonas requires me to learn something new. Added bonus, this will help me document how quickly Jonas is growing up!

Guest Blogger: Liz Boliver - Working out with Littles

I'm so exited to introduce you to Liz! We met her and her husband in our birthing class before we had our babies and have kept in touch via social media ever since. The times I am able to chat with her, she's been such an encouragement. There have been many "Oh my gosh, you too? I thought I was the only one!" moments of relief with this woman. She's so confident in her decisions and fully rocking mom life. Before having her adorable little nugget, Otis, Liz was on her way to becoming a certified personal trainer. A while ago when I asked for advice via my Instagram stories on how moms find time to workout with babies, she gave me some amazing advice. So, I asked her if she'd be willing to write a guest blog post to share with you all!

Lunch with Laura Lea: Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free Snacks

I recently stumbled upon the awesome Instagram of Laura Lea Goldberg, a certified holistic chef in Nashville. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites because of her stories where she speaks the truth and shares snacks and recipes all day! She's just so cute, kind and genuine. I reached out to her asking a few questions about my breastfeeding dietary restrictions. For those of you who don't know, I've had to cut out dairy, gluten and soy to breastfeed Jonas because he was having negative reactions. This is a difficult adjustment for someone who doesn't like cooking and whose favorite food group is pizza. All of this to say, she was kind enough to grab lunch with me at Sunflower Cafe (which was so so yum). We instantly connected and I just love this girl's heart. For those of you looking to eat a cleaner diet or mamas in the same boat as me, she also gave me some snack options for days I'm running around or don't have time to cook every meal.

Dear Daughter

I was recently inspired to write a letter to my future daughter by a blog who is doing an entire series of these letters written by moms with and without daughters, grandmothers and aspiring moms. It's really touching and beautiful to read the letters, so I took some time to write my own. Disclaimer: I don't have a daughter yet and I'M NOT PREGNANT. However, writing this letter was deeply emotional to me and I even cried a bit while writing. Continue reading if you wish to peek inside my heart's desire for my future daughter and truly my desire for every female.

Nashville Zoo: Visiting with Littles

When you have a little who wants to be held constantly, gets bored with toys quickly, is mobile, explores all the dangerous things and doesn't watch TV, mama has to be creative in keeping him occupied. Jonas, who is 8 1/2 months old now, would be 100% happy if I just sat on the floor all day and served as his jungle gym. While that's all sweet and fun, it is physically exhausting. Enter the Nashville Zoo, which has served as my saving grace. It gets us out of the house, keeps Jonas interested and gives me the opportunity to meet other Nashville mamas! Also, it's the closest I'm going to get to Disney World in Nashville. We love it!

Living That Mom Life

Weekends used to be filled with going out, spontaneous road trips, hanging with friends and sleeping in; things i used to believe friends with babies were all jealous of. Now that I'm home on a Friday night with by baby, I know that if they did think of me, it was not with envy. I'm embarrassed to say that a huge part of the reason I wanted to wait so long to have kids is because I didn't want to turn into a mom! But you guys, I saw a t-shirt with a phrase on it the other day (something like...:But first, coffee)  and I actually liked it. Hello, mom life...I have arrived!

It is not our differences that divide us

I encourage you to speak up and have conversations and research and learn and take action. I implore you to have an opinion and respect others’ right to have an opinion of their own. Above all, I beg you to choose love and respect because we're all worthy enough to receive it. Hate divides and love unites.

"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences."
— Audre Lorde

Missing Myself

I'm very excited to get to know those close to me (including myself) on a deeper level by being more vulnerable and honest. By allowing myself room to be, room to breathe, rest and live. Bravery will be required to say no to some opportunities, to only cultivate relationships that are life giving and to slow down enough to be still with myself. As I'm typing these words, it's crazy what a foreign concept slowing down is to me and the anxiety I'm feeling as I embark on this challenge. The fact that I'm feeling anxiety about being still is a red flag and is a sign that I'm way overdue for a reunion with myself.

All I Know is Now

Truthfully, it's scary to not know what's next and to speak openly about it. I think there are ugly elements of perfectionism and fear as to why this topic makes me so uncomfortable. Society tells me that at this point in my life, I'm supposed to have it all figured out. The fact that I don't have it figured out doesn't make me a failure, it makes me human. Opening up means that I'm tired of pretending I'm perfect. No one is perfect and we should stop judging others like we are.

The Other Shoe

I was lying in bed wide awake at 1 am this morning even though baby Jonas was sound asleep. I feel crazy for not taking advantage of this time and sleeping because it IS crazy. Truthfully, I can't sleep because I'm worried and have a million "what if" scenarios racing through my head. While this is not an uncommon occurrence for me, this time it's because I feel like the other shoe has finally dropped....