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How I Prepared for the Fourth Trimester the Second Time Around

You might be wondering what the heck the fourth trimester is. Or, you might be very familiar with the term as it’s becoming increasingly more popular. This term refers the first three months of your baby’s life outside the womb in which they need nurturing and the mama’s body needs nurturing as it heals from carrying and birthing a child. …

What I Did Differently During My Second Pregnancy

Now that I’ve been through pregnancy twice (hey Jonas & Winston!), I wanted to share what I’ve learned about taking care of yourself during pregnancy, what you should be thinking about, and just some helpful tips. I learned SO MUCH from my first pregnancy and was able to tweak what I did the second time around.

Winston James Birth Story

About a month ago, our sweet little family welcomed Winston James into our lives. Win (or Winnie) was born at 5:59 am on April 7th after only 6 hours of labor and only 2 days after my birthday! For those of you interested and not grossed out by the details, I’m sharing his birth story on the blog.

It's been a WHILE my friends

I haven’t written here since last fall for one very important reason...I was and still AM pregnant. We found out we were expecting our second baby and I quickly started feeling nauseous and exhausted, which is why blogging took a MAJOR backseat. I love having this space to write, share photos and life with you all in a deeper way than platforms like Instagram allow. Here are a very small number of pictures from around the time I stopped writing last fall.

Nashville Zoo: Visiting with Littles

When you have a little who wants to be held constantly, gets bored with toys quickly, is mobile, explores all the dangerous things and doesn't watch TV, mama has to be creative in keeping him occupied. Jonas, who is 8 1/2 months old now, would be 100% happy if I just sat on the floor all day and served as his jungle gym. While that's all sweet and fun, it is physically exhausting. Enter the Nashville Zoo, which has served as my saving grace. It gets us out of the house, keeps Jonas interested and gives me the opportunity to meet other Nashville mamas! Also, it's the closest I'm going to get to Disney World in Nashville. We love it!