How I Prepared for the Fourth Trimester the Second Time Around

You might be wondering what the heck the fourth trimester is. Or, you might be very familiar with the term as it’s becoming increasingly more popular. This term refers the first three months of your baby’s life outside the womb in which they need nurturing and the mama’s body needs nurturing as it heals from carrying and birthing a child. …


I found this draft sitting unpublished from 2.5 years ago. Not sure why I wrote it and never shared, but it still resonates deeply so here it is.

What I Did Differently During My Second Pregnancy

Now that I’ve been through pregnancy twice (hey Jonas & Winston!), I wanted to share what I’ve learned about taking care of yourself during pregnancy, what you should be thinking about, and just some helpful tips. I learned SO MUCH from my first pregnancy and was able to tweak what I did the second time around.

Winston James Birth Story

About a month ago, our sweet little family welcomed Winston James into our lives. Win (or Winnie) was born at 5:59 am on April 7th after only 6 hours of labor and only 2 days after my birthday! For those of you interested and not grossed out by the details, I’m sharing his birth story on the blog.

It's been a WHILE my friends

I haven’t written here since last fall for one very important reason...I was and still AM pregnant. We found out we were expecting our second baby and I quickly started feeling nauseous and exhausted, which is why blogging took a MAJOR backseat. I love having this space to write, share photos and life with you all in a deeper way than platforms like Instagram allow. Here are a very small number of pictures from around the time I stopped writing last fall.

Weekly Wonder - August 6

New weekly wonder where we talk moving (again), bounce houses, what I’m currently reading, a simple way to be more creative, and a networking and learning opportunity. Enjoy!

Weekly Wonder - July 30

Happy Tuesday fam! I'm honestly shocked that I did anything aside from pack last week because we are moving next week (if ya haven’t heard)! But I did and lived to tell the tale. Read on for the highlights from last week...

Weekly Wonder - July 23

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fabulous week! Reading through my recap, I'm realizing the theme of last week was deeply introspective, which is amazing. I'm a firm believer that you can only give to and show up for others out of overflow.

Weekly Wonder - July 16

This past week was magical in many respects. I always feel like the highest highs are accompanied by the lowest lows and that was this past week but that's all part of the magic. As stressful as they are, the lows make the highs even more special.

Lane Motor Museum

It was a dark and stormy summer Sunday when we had been cooped up indoors with a toddler all day that we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. It's been on our places to visit list for a while because it's an awesome attraction close to home and Jonas is obsessed with vehicles right now.

Weekly Wonder - July 9

Ever have those days or weeks where you feel like your barely treading water because your to do list is a mile long? That was last week for me, for sure.  I was hustling, hustling. It was a beautifully productive week.

Weekly Wonder - June 25

Hi sweet friends and happy Monday night! It's been a while and I've missed sharing my life and thoughts with you all. I've spent time the past few months on internal soul and emotional work with things like yoga, reading, researching how to balance hormones and get rid of anxiety, journaling, meditating, and just having good old-fashioned introvert time. All fantastic and I don't plan to stop any of those things, but am feeling ready to turn a bit more outward and share more of my life, learning, experiences, and growth with you all. There is a season for everything and I'm so happy to be back to share and connect!