Georgia Aquarium

We visited the Georgia Aquarium last year on our way to Walt Disney World and loved every second of it. The experience was beautiful and awe-inspiring.

It's been a WHILE my friends

I haven’t written here since last fall for one very important reason...I was and still AM pregnant. We found out we were expecting our second baby and I quickly started feeling nauseous and exhausted, which is why blogging took a MAJOR backseat. I love having this space to write, share photos and life with you all in a deeper way than platforms like Instagram allow. Here are a very small number of pictures from around the time I stopped writing last fall.

Weekly Wonder - August 6

New weekly wonder where we talk moving (again), bounce houses, what I’m currently reading, a simple way to be more creative, and a networking and learning opportunity. Enjoy!

Weekly Wonder - July 30

Happy Tuesday fam! I'm honestly shocked that I did anything aside from pack last week because we are moving next week (if ya haven’t heard)! But I did and lived to tell the tale. Read on for the highlights from last week...

Weekly Wonder - July 23

Hey friends! I hope you all had a fabulous week! Reading through my recap, I'm realizing the theme of last week was deeply introspective, which is amazing. I'm a firm believer that you can only give to and show up for others out of overflow.

Weekly Wonder - July 16

This past week was magical in many respects. I always feel like the highest highs are accompanied by the lowest lows and that was this past week but that's all part of the magic. As stressful as they are, the lows make the highs even more special.

Lane Motor Museum

It was a dark and stormy summer Sunday when we had been cooped up indoors with a toddler all day that we decided to take a spontaneous trip to Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. It's been on our places to visit list for a while because it's an awesome attraction close to home and Jonas is obsessed with vehicles right now.

Weekly Wonder - July 9

Ever have those days or weeks where you feel like your barely treading water because your to do list is a mile long? That was last week for me, for sure.  I was hustling, hustling. It was a beautifully productive week.

Weekly Wonder - June 25

Hi sweet friends and happy Monday night! It's been a while and I've missed sharing my life and thoughts with you all. I've spent time the past few months on internal soul and emotional work with things like yoga, reading, researching how to balance hormones and get rid of anxiety, journaling, meditating, and just having good old-fashioned introvert time. All fantastic and I don't plan to stop any of those things, but am feeling ready to turn a bit more outward and share more of my life, learning, experiences, and growth with you all. There is a season for everything and I'm so happy to be back to share and connect!

Weekly Recap: Sept 18

Happy Sunday friends! I've spent much of my day writing a different blog post about our recent trip in collaboration with TN Vacation to Tullahoma over the weekend. I'll share a link once it's live on their site! In the meantime, here's what's going on in our life this week...

Weekly Recap: Sept 4

Happy September friends! I've been listening to some Gary V content recently and he's really helped my shift my thought process behind social media in general (warning: there's quite a bit of language if you decide to listen to the linked video). Instead of putting tons of pressure on yourself to always be creating content, he encourages you to just document what you're already doing! This made me think about all my favorite people that I follow and realized that almost all they do is share their life! I'm an over-achiever and have been putting tons of pressure on myself to constantly write deeply thoughtful posts, but I just don't have tons of time to write frequently. So, I'm going to start sharing a weekly recap with you all to share a bit about what life looks like every day in my family, share what I'm learning and probably ask for advice because I feel like every day with Jonas requires me to learn something new. Added bonus, this will help me document how quickly Jonas is growing up!

Guest Blogger: Liz Boliver - Working out with Littles

I'm so exited to introduce you to Liz! We met her and her husband in our birthing class before we had our babies and have kept in touch via social media ever since. The times I am able to chat with her, she's been such an encouragement. There have been many "Oh my gosh, you too? I thought I was the only one!" moments of relief with this woman. She's so confident in her decisions and fully rocking mom life. Before having her adorable little nugget, Otis, Liz was on her way to becoming a certified personal trainer. A while ago when I asked for advice via my Instagram stories on how moms find time to workout with babies, she gave me some amazing advice. So, I asked her if she'd be willing to write a guest blog post to share with you all!

Lunch with Laura Lea: Dairy, Soy & Gluten Free Snacks

I recently stumbled upon the awesome Instagram of Laura Lea Goldberg, a certified holistic chef in Nashville. Her Instagram account is one of my favorites because of her stories where she speaks the truth and shares snacks and recipes all day! She's just so cute, kind and genuine. I reached out to her asking a few questions about my breastfeeding dietary restrictions. For those of you who don't know, I've had to cut out dairy, gluten and soy to breastfeed Jonas because he was having negative reactions. This is a difficult adjustment for someone who doesn't like cooking and whose favorite food group is pizza. All of this to say, she was kind enough to grab lunch with me at Sunflower Cafe (which was so so yum). We instantly connected and I just love this girl's heart. For those of you looking to eat a cleaner diet or mamas in the same boat as me, she also gave me some snack options for days I'm running around or don't have time to cook every meal.